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Richmond City Council Throws Its Support Behind The Equal Rights Amendment

Richmond City Council member Andreas Addison

The City of Richmond became the latest city to lend it’s support to the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment as it makes it’s way through the Virginia General Assembly.

The city council unanimously approved a resolution backing ratification at its meeting Monday night. Richmond joins other localities such as Alexandria, Charlottesville and Fairfax County in passing such a resolution.

City Council member Andreas Addison, who introduced the resolution, said the council felt the timing was right to show it's support for equal rights. “I think having the capitol city stepping up and supporting this is a strong message in support of the other localities, too,” Addison said. “I think this is just a message of solidarity across the state saying that we wish to see this done and acted upon by our state legislature.”

The bill to ratify the ERA passed its second Senate committee earlier in the day on Monday, setting up a floor vote this week.

Virginia would be the final state needed to ratify the amendment, though there is some disagreement about whether the deadline for ratification has passed.

On Monday night Richmond City Council also passed a new pay plan for city employees. Under the new plan, all full-time and part-time workers will now make a minimum “living wage” of $12.07 per hour — a 51-cent raise. City officials say the change is meant to attract and retain city employees.

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