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Fifth District Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman: We Need to Protect the Constitution


Virginia’s Fifth District Freshman Republican Congressman blames the Democrats for the impasse, but
maintains Congress, and not the President should hold the power.  President Trump supported Denver Riggleman in a close race, but the newly-elected Republican Congressman says Congress, not the President, should be making those funding decisions.

“I believe we have to protect the Constitution .”

The former Air Force Intelligence Officer and contractor for the National Security Agency says most agree on border security:

“We do need comprehensive immigration reform, especially in the Fifth District, especially with our drug problems, especially with our criminal issues that we have and some of that comes over the border. Is it worth another shutdown? I
don’t think we are going to see another shutdown. I think the President will declare an emergency before we see that, and I think we’ll be voting on a bill that doesn’t have the wall in it.”


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