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Former Senator Allen Stumps Against Gerrymandering

Former governor and U.S. Senator George Allen is lending his voice to the bi-partisan effort to amend the Virginia constitution to prevent gerrymandering by kicking off a statewide tour Friday, a day after the Virginia Senate voted unanimously in favor such a bill.

At a hotel meeting room, the Republican Allen slammed gerrymandering as "creative cartography."

He called it unfair and said it results in "absurdly drawn districts that split up counties and cities and communities that look like somebody's thrown spaghetti up against a map of the Commonwealth of Virginia."

His stance encouraged Karen Kallay of Fredericksburg.

"It's hard for existing legislators to diminish their own power, but to see someone of their own party take a leadership role makes it more likely."

Allen warned that General Assembly inaction would mean another ten years of politicians getting to choose the voters.


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