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In State Tuition Bill For Some Undocumented Residents Dies in Committee


Steve Yoo was brought to the country illegally when he was a child. He says undocumented students simply can’t afford out of state tuition.

"They’d either have to work several part time jobs or they’d have to take a break from school or some decide not to attend at all.”

Democratic Senator Jennifer Boysko of Fairfax was the bill’s patron.

“This was a lifeline to them and they’re much more likely to become much more active, productive members of the commonwealth if they are able to get a higher degree.”

Republican Senator Amanda Chase of Chesterfield was the lone Republican to support the bill in a previous vote.

“I felt like those who were here came through no choice of their own and their desire was to become permanent residents.”

Chase ultimately changed her vote to no but said she would work with stakeholders over the off-season to find a solution for next year.