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Wason Poll: Independent Candidate in 2020 Dramatically Improved Trump Re-election chances.

A Wason poll released this morning reveals an independent candidate on the 2020 ballot dramatically improves President Donald Trump’s chances of re-election. 

The poll shows an independent would hurt a Democrat fives times as much as it would hurt Trump.

“What we find is actually kind of astounding.”

Wason Poll’s Rachel Bitecofer says in a head to head match-up, Trump trails a generic Democratic Party nominee among likely voters by 11 points, 37 to 48 percent with nine undecided.

“But when we throw an independent in the race, we see a drastic change. In that scenario, Trump is actually leading the Democratic by two percentage points, 34 percemt to 32 percent. And that’s because 16 percent go with the independent and another 16 percent report being undecided in that scenario.”

She says the poll was prompted by former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s potential candidacy as an independent and speculation how an independent might affect the outcome.


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