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US Senate Confirms Youngest Member of Fourth US Circuit Court of Appeals


The United States Senate today confirmed its youngest federal judge in the country to Richmond’s high-profile US Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Thirty-seven-year-old Allison Jones Rushing is another Trump appointee, who had been grilled by Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“They were concerned about her life experience.”

But, Carl Tobias, Law Professor at the University of Richmond said she had credentials.

“Well, she had three prestigious clerkships from Judge Sentelle on the DC Circuit, Judge Gorsuch on the Tenth Circuit before he went to the Supreme Court and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.”

Now, her age becomes an advantage.

“At some point, probably in 2030 or something, she will be the chief judge of the court, if she’s not already appointed to the Supreme Court.“

And, the appointment is for life.

Circuit Courts are often the last word in federal court cases since the Supreme Court hears only 100-150 appeals of more than 7,000 federal court cases each year.

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