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Two Virginia Freshman Members of Congress Support Bipartisan Crime Bill


Two of Virginia’s freshman members of Congress crossed the aisle in a demonstration of bipartisan support for a bill to strengthen the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

Republican Denver Riggleman, Virginia’s Fifth, and Democrat Jennifer Wexton, Virginia’s 10th, made it look easy.

“I rise in support of HR1414 the FinCEN improvement act, bipartisan legislation I introduced with my financial services colleague and fellow Virginian, Congressman Denver Riggleman,” said Wexton.

“I would like to thank my colleague and fellow member from the Commonwealth, Jennifer Wexton for her work on this legislation,” Riggleman responded.

It was her bill that strengthens FinCEN’s role in domestic terrorism, law enforcement partnerships, and a new threat, cyptocurrency.

“Many of these technologies did not exist when previous laws and regulations were written.”

“It is FinCEN’s mission to cut the head off the snake and combat illicit financing of these activities.”

The bill passed the House by unanimous consent.


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