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Richmond Area Students Watch Their Satellites Launched at Wallops Flight Center

t was a flawless launch late yesterday of an Antares rocket from Wallops Flight Center to the International Space Station, with 7600 pounds of supplies, 40 mice, two robots and 63 miniature student satellites.
Laura Akesson's Steward School Class Courtesy Laura Akesson

A half-dozen students from Richmond’s Steward School were among hundreds of high school students and their teachers and families who came to watch the launch of 63 miniature satellites called ThinSats.

“We all worked on different parts of the ThinSat,” said Logan Ransom, a 12th grader. “You know, going in behind and putting the pieces together.”

ThinSat is equipped with pressure sensors that will transmit data his classmates plan to turn into color and light a spectral demonstration of the satellites fiery path back to earth.

The ThinSat program for student satellites onboard an Antares Rocket was financed by the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority, to give students across the state a taste of space flight they will never forget. “It is really a neat thing to see that something six high schooler's were part of is in space now.”

Students from Steward School and Henrico’s Godwin High School were among a group of schools that worked under the guidance of the College of William and Mary to prepare their satellites for space.