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Seven of Virginia's Twenty-Three Colleges Get New Presidents


In a generational wave of turnover, seven of Virginia’s twenty three community colleges will be getting new presidents this year, including Rappahannock Community College.

Dr. Elizabeth Crowther is retiring as president of Rappahannock Community College and it’s thirtyfive hundred students. In her time, the facilities have gone from cinderblock to state of the art, and the endowment is providing approximately half a million a year in student support.

President Crowther. President Crowther says, "It’s been an amazing privilege to be here at Rappahannock as the President for fifteen years, and during that time I’ve been able to be in my home territory, living on the family farm, so it’s just really been a perfect scenario for me, I’m really grateful."

This week, two approved finalists, Dr. Shannon Kennedy and Dr. Mellissa Zanjani will introduce themselves to the college community.