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Morrissey, Mr. X, And Allegations Of Campaign Finance Violations

Morrissey hands out a flyer to a woman, in a screenshot of a video posted to the Joe Morrissey Facebook page on March 8.

Records from  Facebook’s Ad Library show that a Facebook page called “Joe Morrissey” spent between $500 and $999 promoting a video on Facebook, an outlay that the Democratic state senate candidate did not report to the Department of Elections in his most campaign finance report.

If Morrissey operates the page, that lack of disclosure would violate the Campaign Finance Disclosure Act Of 2006, which requires candidates to report spending if it exceeds $1,000 in statewide elections or $200 in other elections during an election cycle.

In an interview on Wednesday, Morrissey denied any wrongdoing, saying that another man, who he referred to as Mr. X in an earlier letter to the Department of Elections, created the video and also posted it to Facebook independently from Morrissey or his campaign committee. He seemed to suggest he was not in control of the page bearing his name that has over 17,000 followers; regularly posts interviews, campaign events, and campaign videos; and includes his campaign’s phone number and web address.

“The individual who prepared the video followed all of the campaign and political guidelines as set forth by Google,” Morrissey said, in response to a question about the Facebook ad. “You’ll need to speak to him because I didn’t put anything on my Facebook. He put it out, posted it, and disseminated it. ”

Morrissey declined to answer further questions, referring to his letter to the Department of Elections.

“I’m trying to be polite to you,” he said.


Ben Paviour covers courts and criminal justice for VPM News with a focus on accountability.
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