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N.C. Man Stands Sentry To Switch Statuary

An African-American man from North Carolina spent several hours dressed as a Union Soldier in Charlottesville Thursday at the city's controversial statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. The city is still wrestling with history in the wake of 2017's deadly Unite the Right rally.

"Today I'm here concluding a 105-day campaign that I began at the University of North Carolina."

William Thorpe wants both UNC and Charlottesville to rid themselves of Confederate statues -- which were dedicated during the discriminatory Jim Crow era.

"It's one thing to honor the war dead, but it's another thing to glorify. And what this statue did -- such a humongous statue -- it not only glorifies, but it's a form of intimidation as well."

His message resonated with artist Giselle Gautreau.

"His presentation and talking about when the statues were placed and by whom is really important."

State law has stopped City Council from removing statues of Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

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