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Winchester and Frederick County Quarantined to Stop Spread of Spotted Lanternfly

Spotted Langernflys
Spotted Langernfly First Discovered in Virginia 2018 (Photo: Virginia Tech)

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has quarantined the City of Winchester and Frederick County to try to stop the spread of an invasive insect that first appeared in Virginia last year and threatens a half-dozen crops.

There are four states already quarantined to prevent the spread of the spotted lanternfly. 

One Pennsylvania vineyard lost 90% of its crop.

“The insect feeds on more than 70 plant species,” said Elaine Lidholme, Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. “But the ones of concern to Virginia include grapes, apples, peaches, hops, and wine grapes.”

The concern is its rapid spread in the Winchester area, and the quarantine regulates the movement of things like RV’s, lawn tractors, outdoor grills, mobile homes; any type of vehicle and building supplies.

And near the top of the list: “Do not move firewood. If you are going camping, buy it where you burn it.”

The pest is easy to spot and there’s a photo on our website.


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