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FDA Approves Pilot Program To Provide Easier Access To Unapproved Drugs For Late Stage Cancer Patients

Dr. Khalid Matin, Director of Clinical Research Affiliations, Massey Cancer Center
Dr. Khalid Matin the Director of Clinical Research Affiliations Massey Cancer Center

The Food and Drug Administration has just approved a program to make it easier for cancer patients who have no treatment options left, to have access to unapproved drugs.

At Massey Cancer Center, Dr. Khalid Matin is Director of Clinical Research affiliations and he says the program will cut the red tape for many patients who could be running out of time.

“For patients who have advanced cancer and basically who have gone through the standard chemotherapy options that are FDA approved, and then they are still obviously doing well, medically stable and able to tolerate further therapy.”

Project Facilitate will include a new call center to provide a single point of contact for doctors submitting requests for the program, to allow patients who have tried everything else, access to unapproved, experimental drugs.


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