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Kaine Calls for Senate To Vote on Gun Control

Senator Tim Kaine
Photo courtesy of Sen. Tim Kaine's office.

Democratic Senator Tim Kaine today urged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to hold votes on what he calls common sense gun safety reforms that will make communities safer.

Kaine said there has not been a debate on gun laws in the Senate for six years.

“Tragedy after tragedy after tragedy and yet, there has not been a debate on the floor of the Senate since April 13, well I think it is time to have a debate and guess what, we have an opportunity.”

Kaine says there is legislation in the House to require universal background checks.

“We should take that bill up.”

And he says there is a bill in the Senate to close what is called the “Charleston Loophole” which allows a gun purchase if the background check is delayed.

“That bill is in the Senate right now, we should be able to take it up.”

Along with his own federal bill to limit magazines to ten shots.

“So the question we have to ask ourselves as we have bills in the Senate that could be considered right now, after the latest one of these tragedies, are we going to continue to be a bystander.”


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