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Eighth District Congressman Don Beyer Demands Greater Accountability from Office of Refugee Resettlement

Congressman Don Beyer

The House today passed Virginia’s Eighth District Democratic Congressman Don Beyer’s amendment to require increased federal reporting on refugee children.

Congressman Beyer says we don’t even know where the children are.

“This amendment arose from a personal experience last year when during the height of the family separation, we couldn’t find out where the kids were being held in Virginia. In fact, when we did find out, we found out from the media.”

His amendment would require the Office of Refugee Resettlement to share a monthly census by facilities, of unaccompanied minors with Congressional Committees of jurisdiction and legal orientation providers.

“I’ve visited a couple of these facilities in Virginia. They desperately need our help and we need to help them and knowing where they are when we do that.”

The Beyer Amendment wants more and passed 285-138.


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