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Dignitaries at Jamestown’s 400th House of Burgesses Anniversary Will See Dominion Towers That Conservationists Say Are Illegal and an Eyesore.

Dominion Power Transmission Lines Cross the James at Surry-Skiffes Creek.
Dominion Power Transmission Lines Cross the James at Surry-Skiffes Creek.

Dominion’s new transmission towers across the James at Jamestown will be clearly visible this month when dignitaries come to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the first meeting of the House of Burgesses. Conservationists say the towers ignore the history, ruin the view and challenge the law.

The Army Corps of Engineers granted a permit in 2017 and Dominion built the towers even as it was being taken to court.

“The National Trust’s main concern is that regulators have not properly applied the law.”

The National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Sharee Williamson says Dominion should have explored other alternatives.

“That would avoid building this project across one of the most historically significant landscapes in the United States.”

Dominion determined to build the towers and take the risk and promised to take them down if the permit were ultimately revoked.

“We would fully comply with a court order,” said Dominion’s Bonita Billingsley Harris. “We are asking the court to keep the permit in place while the environmental impact statement is prepared.”

Last week, the Army Corps of Engineers kicked off a court-ordered environmental impact study on the power lines, though they are already in place.


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