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VCU Center for Public Policy Poll: Support for Legislation to Curb Eviction

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A Virginia Commonwealth University Poll says respondents overwhelmingly approve legislation passed by this year’s General Assembly to curb eviction practices, but want more.


The Center for Urban and Regional Analysis Director is Fabrizio Fasulo.

Fasulo: The eviction situation in Virginia, particularly in the Richmond region was among the worst in the country and so there has been a lot of talking about that.

He says it resulted in legislation passed by this year’s General Assembly to extend the grace period for late rent from 7-15 days. Seventy-five percent surveyed agreed with that, but another 78 percent wanted to withhold rent from landlords who were slow making repairs.

Fasulo: The affordable housing problem is mostly on the rental side. So anything that can be done to increase the stock of affordable housing and to prevent evictions and displacement of current residents should be done.

The poll revealed 75% of respondents thought America had an affordable housing problem.   The poll covers regions and ethnic groups and common concerns and is made available to policymakers to craft legislation and help with planning.


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