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Video Reopens Debate On Trump's Charlottesville Comments

From the left: Steven Mnuchin, President Trump and Elaine Chao at a press conference.
Flanked by Steven Mnuchin and Elaine Chao, President Trump gave his take on Charlottesville. (Photo: The White House)

As Charlottesville braces for the two-year anniversary of a deadly white nationalist rally, including a car attack that killed a woman, a new video called "The Charlottesville Lie" is scolding the press and defending President Donald Trump for talking about "very fine people." Hawes Spencer reports.


Hawes Spencer: The video by conservative non-profit PragerU features CNN commentator Steve Cortes saying the scandal of Charlottesville is not what President Trump said about neo-Nazis:

Steve Cortes: It’s what the media said President Trump said about neo-Nazis.

But University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato says Trump has been crystal clear:

Larry Sabato: "Anybody who tries to pretend that he wasn't encouraging the white nationalists is simply putting their head in the sand."

Spencer: Sabato says that Trump's remarks after Charlottesville will go down as among the lowest moments in any American presidency.

In Charlottesville, Hawes Spencer for VPM News


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