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Group Blames Warm, Wet Summer And Runoff For Toxic Algae Blooms

Algae Blooms, Centerville Lake, Minnesota
Algae Blooms, Centerville Lake, Minnesota (Photo by Soren Rundqist, EWG)

Yesterday, we reported that increased algae blooms at Lake Anna had prompted the Virginia Department of Health to post signs and warn against swimming in certain areas.  Today the Environmental Working Group released a national report that algae blooms have erupted in hundreds of lakes nationwide. 

The report says warm weather, heavy rains and nutrient runoff have dramatically increased toxins.


“If you test for this, you’ll probably find it.”


Soren Rundquist of the Environmental Working Group says Virginia is one of only 20 states that actually monitors, keep maps and informs the public.


“Virginia, we found, is ahead of the game.”


 But even here, he says we can’t keep up with the toxic algae blooms that are threatening drinking water and recreational activities.   And monitoring is just a start.


“Managing what’s on the landscape better is the first step to preventing this nutrient loading.”


He says toxic algae blooms are causing health advisories and closures across the country, including two new ones, reported this week at Lake Anna. 


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