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VCU Opens Its First Free Store For Students, Faculty And Staff

VCU Free Store
VCU's new Free Store opened for business Aug. 19. (Photo: Courtesy of VCU/Brian McNeill, University Public Affairs)

Virginia Commonwealth University welcomed some 4,500 first-year students over the weekend and this morning, has something brand new to offer them, a free store with stuff to make their rooms feel more like home.  Charles Fishburne reports.


Charles Fishburne:  That’s right.  It’s all free.

Erin Stanforth:  We have mini-fridges, microwaves, coffee pots.

Fishburne:  Sustainability Director Erin Stanforth says it’s part of the culture.

Stanforth:  We are hoping to alleviate financial burden from student’s faculty and staff and also divert items from the landfill.

Fisburne:  Every Spring graduation, students  tend to leave unwanted items behind.  Now VCU is recycling them, free for anyone who has a valid VCU ID.  And they really don’t know what to expect when the doors open this morning at eight.

Stanforth:  (Laughs) This is the first time we have ever tried this and we are extremely excited about it.

Charles Fishburne VPM News. 


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