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Dorian Pounding Bahamas, Track Predicted Off The East Coast Later This Week

Dorian's forecast areas of impact Thursday through Sunday.
Hurricane Dorian's forecast path as of Monday morning. (Source: AccuWeather)

Hurricane Dorian continued its slow, relentless advance overnight, pounding the northern Bahamas early Monday morning, wrecking homes, shredding roofs, flipping cars and taking out power polls. 

Mike Montefusco of the National Weather Service says the track still takes it along and off the East Coast Thursday.

“It’s basically moving at one mile an hour, driving to the west, barely moving at this point," said Montefusco. “Any deviation, any small deviation to the west or to the east could make a very big difference.”

Montefusco added, “certainly not the time to let your guard down.  Some heavier rainfall potential is there, as we get into Thursday afternoon, Thursday evening,  continuing into the day on Friday with the potential for stronger winds as well.”

Forecasts can change.  Stay tuned for updates throughout the week on Hurricane Dorian, which already has tied the record for the most powerful Atlantic hurricane to ever make landfall.


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