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Chesterfield School's Cooling Towers Cleared of Legionnaires Disease

Chesterfield School
Crixell Matthews
All the schools with cooling towers in Chesterfield County were tested for Legionnaires Disease by the State Health Department and Center for Disease Control. (Photo: Crixell Matthews/VPM Digital)

All the cooling towers in Chesterfield schools have been cleaned, according to County Administrator Dr. Joe Casey.

“However, Legionella bacteria can grow within three days in untreated systems. So we need to all be mindful that we don’t create a breeding ground in the interim.”

At last week’s Board of Supervisors meeting, Casey said that the Centers for Disease Control told him and other county officials that the cooling towers in the Chesterfield School system were some of the poorest facilities maintained in the country.

Casey said the County has started an investigative audit.

“I hope by October 1st, all the investigative reports of the CDC, Health Department, Risk Management and Internal Audit will be completed and will hopefully have all the facts and accountability factors as applicable.”

The County hopes to have all the towers chemically treated by September 10th. 

Ian Stewart/VPM News


Ian M. Stewart previously was the transportation reporter and fill-in anchor for VPM News.
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