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National Weather Service: Dorian Means Danger for Hampton Roads Friday

Satellite Overlay, 2:26PM September 4
Satellite Overlay, 2:26PM September 4 (Photo: NOAA)

The National  Weather  Service in  Wakefield says the remnants of Dorian will be stronger and come closer and Hampton Roads stands in the path of a dangerous tropical storm.

Meteorologist in  Charge Jeff Orrock:

"Things have deteriorated today in some of the models and are looking worse for us."

He says the storm will arrive later, stronger and more dangerous, particularly for the coast.

“Friday is going to be a bad day.  We are going to have winds of 60 miles an hour in Norfolk, possibly hurricane force winds along the immediate coast.  We’re going to have major tidal flooding and we are going to have anywhere from four maybe six, eight inches of rain.”

He says they are poised to move tropical storm watches and warnings farther inland, and is concerned people are not getting the message.

“We have been forecasting the conditions and we are continuing to deteriorate the forecast, but it seems it is not clicking.”

Richmond is still on the edge, though rain and gusty winds are predicted Friday.

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