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Virginia Tech Launches “Tech for Humanity” Initiative

Sylvester Johnson, Director of the Center for Humanity
Sylvester Johnson, Director of the Center for Humanity (Photo: Virginia Tech)

Virginia Tech has launched a university-wide initiative to put humans first, in a world that is being inundated by technology. 

The Tech for Humanity Initiative will touch all of Virginia Tech’s nine colleges and institutes across the state.

Sylvester Johnson is the director of the Virginia Tech Center for Humanity.

 Johnson:  We have to draw on our focus as a human-centered university, to ensure that the technology that is shaping our society and is going to determine to a considerable degree the nature of our society’s future, is equitable, that it is accountable to what serves the best interests of humanity, that it is sustainable and that it leads us to a point where we end up with the kind of world we actually want to live in.

Tech says it plans research across disciplines, the convening of thought leaders and decision makers and a culture to help prepare a new generation to guide a human-centered future.  


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