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Dorian Arrives In Virginia

Winds and rain from Hurricane Dorian have arrived in Virginia as the storm begins to reach its peak this morning, and as Charles Fishburne reports, the impact will vary dramatically.


Charles Fishburne:  Roads are wet, schools are closed in some areas south and east, there are 1200 power outages in the Northern Neck, winds are picking up, but Richmond will escape most of the storm.

Mike Montefusco:  Generally we are looking at periods of rain to continue across the metro this morning.

Meteorologist Mike Montefusco in  Wakefield

Montefusco: We are looking at some winds beginning to ramp up.

Fishburne:  Sustained winds of 10-20 miles an hour, gusts 40 plus through mid-morning, rainfall one-half to one inch here.  Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach is another story

Jeff Caldwell:  We expect there to be high winds heavy rains, storm surge and flooding out of this storm.

Jeff Caldwell, Virginia Department of Emergency Management. 

Fishburne:  It is a tight, fast-moving storm that will be racing off the North Carolina coast by early afternoon.  And then.

Caldwell:  We are looking at a nice weekend, weather-wise off the metro area

Charles Fishburne, VPM News


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