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Wason: Can Democrat Surge Repeat in an Off-Year Election?

Christopher Newport’s Wason Center for Public Policy has released a November election analysis this morning.  And as Charles Fishburne reports, it suggests the high stakes in Virginia’s Assembly election will preview the 2020 presidential race and turnout is key.


Charles Fishburne:  State Democrats need two seats in both the House and Senate to take control of the General Assembly.

Rachel Bitecofer:  And so we are seeing competition in districts were didn’t see before.

Wason’s Rachel Bitecofer

Bitecofer:   One example of that would be the Republican Speaker of the House of  Delegates, Kirk Cox. His district I show has moved dramatically in terms of its partisan competition. It moved12 points, so it used to be a very, very safe Republican district.

Fishburne:  Now she says, it is competitive.

Fishburne:  She also says Democrats rode an anti-Trump backlash last election to pick up 15 House seats and want more and the real question is whether that surge will repeat in an off-year election, where turnout will be decisive.    Charles Fishburne, VPM News.



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