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Henrico County Library Director: New Fairfield Library Will Be a Community Hub

Henrico County Fairfield Area Library
Henrico County Fairfield Area Library. (Photo: Henrico County)

Henrico County is opening its new Fairfield Area Library Sunday, and it dispels any notion that public libraries are losing relevance in a digital age.

The 45 thousand square foot Fairfield library is digital and books and a lot more.

"We use the term community hub," said Library Director Barbara Weedman. "We will have more than 100 plus computers and tablets, a full digital media lab.   We will also have a creation classroom where you can do hands-on life-skill learning and we will even have a one-button recording studio that makes it easy to record say a family interview that you would like to preserve or to practice for a job interview."

That kind of activity draws about a thousand people a day at other Henrico libraries. The newest opens Sunday, in the Laburnum Corridor, which has seen a county-inspired building renaissance in recent years.

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