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US Supreme Court Will Hear Dominion Energy’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline Case To Cross the Appalachian Trail

Back Creek, Lantz Mountain.
Back Creek, Lantz Mountain. (Photo: Dominion Pipeline Monitoring Coalition)

Dominion Energy will get a hearing before the United States Supreme Court in its attempt to cross the Appalachian Trail with its Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  The stakes for energy interests and preservationists are high.

The 4th Circuit ruled in December that the US Forest Service did not have the authority to allow the pipeline to cross beneath the trail.  

Some industry analysts call it a “great wall” blocking energy transfer from the Midwest to the east coast.  But preservationists say the court was correct.

"The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is a boondoggle."

Senior Attorney DJ Gerkin of the Southern Environmental Law Center argued the case before the 4th Circuit.

"It’s backed by politically connected companies looking to make a quick buck with guaranteed profits, not to deliver gas to anyone who actually needs it."

Dominion said in a statement there were already more than 50 pipelines crossing underneath the Appalachian trial without disturbing public use and they look forward to making their case early next year.  A ruling is expected in June.

*The Southern Environmental Law Center is a sponsor of VPM.


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