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Wason Poll Shows Virginia Democrats Enthusiastic, Poised to Take Control of General Assembly

A Christopher Newport University Wason poll released this morning, shows Virginia voters strongly favor Democrats in General Assembly elections and President Trump trailing any Democrat who runs in the 2020 election.  Charles Fishburne reports.


Charles Fishburne:  The poll says newly-energized Democrats are well-positioned to pick up the seats they need to take control of both chambers of the General Assembly.

Rachel Bitecofer :  We asked the voters would you prefer Democrat or Republican Control.

Fishburne:  Assistant Director Rachel Bitecofer says the poll shows Democrats maintain a significant Trump Era advantage.

Bitecofer :  Here Democrats have a huge lead, a 16-point lead, being powered by a 17-point advantage among independents.

Fishburne:  That’s 53 to 37%.

Fishburne:  She says questions on gun control, health care, minimum wage and abortion show voters are significantly more likely to vote for candidates who support Democratic party positions.

Fishburne:  The poll shows Governor Northam has recovered from the “black face” scandal with a 51% approval rating, while President Trump’s approval rating is 37 percent.

Charles Fishburne, VPM News.



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