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Henrico County Board Approves Rezoning for Ukrops Food Hall at Patterson and Horsepen

Ukrop's New Food Hall at Patterson and Horsepen in Henrico County
Ukrop's New Food Hall at Patterson and Horsepen in Henrico County (Photo: Ukrops Homestyle Foods Conceptual Food Hall)

The Henrico County Board of Supervisors last night approved the revival of a Richmond institution, as Ukrops once again will operate a retail establishment.  But as Charles Fishburne reports, don’t call it a grocery store.


Charles Fishburne:  No, they call it a food hall.

Scott Aronson :  Where you could get the best of Ukrop's items.

Fishburne:  Scott Aronson is President of Ukrops Homestyle Foods

Scott Aronson :  Chicken salad, chocolate fudge pie that are available at other Ukrop's locations, but also things like fried chicken and breakfast pizza that need to be fresh on site. 

Fishburne:  That site is Patterson and Horsepen,  rezoned last night for the food hall, which will include seating, take-out, and delivery.

Fishburne:  The Ukrops mortgaged the family farm and built their first store in 1937, grew to 25 locations which spent years at the top of Richmond’s favorite grocery stores until they were sold in 2010.

Aronson:  We are excited to once again to serve our customers directly and to have that daily interaction.

 Charles Fishburne, VPM News.


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