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Global Agricultural Productivity Initiative at Virginia Tech

Tech President Tim Sands
Tech President Tim Sands. (Photo: Erica Corder)

A new report just released by Virginia Tech on agricultural production around the world shows a widening gap between what is produced and what will be needed to sustain life for billions of people. 

At a global industry conference in Des Moines, Iowa they talked about

Insects:  We shut it down because we are not used to eating.

Animals:  What role do animals play in global food production?

Tariffs: We know this protectionist movement in the United States is creating havoc

and communication :  We need to listen.

Tech President Tim Sands says their GAP report indicates production currently is increasing at 1.63 percent, short of the 1.73 percent needed

President Tim Sands:  Since 2010, the GAP report has been a call to action that urges world leaders to invest in proven strategies to produce food, feed, fibre and biofuel in a sustainable manner.

The challenge is how to sustain 10 billion people, in the world of 2050. 

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