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Scammers Pretend to Be Dominion Energy, Demand Payment, Threaten To Cut Off Service

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Dominion Energy is warning customers about a scam in which they are called, told they owe money on their electric bills and threatened to have service cut off unless they pay immediately.  Charles Fishburne reports.


Here’s how the scam works.

Charles Fishburne:  Jeremy Slayton:   The scammers pretend to be Dominion Energy employees and the caller ID might even say “Dominion Energy.”

Fishburne:  Jeremy Slayton, spokesperson for Dominion Energy.

Slayton :  Customers are often told to purchase a prepaid card at a local store, then to call a number provided by the scammer.

Fishburne:  He says.

Slayton :  Dominion Energy would never use aggressive threats to disconnect service,  insist on immediate payment over the phone or request a prepaid card to be used as payment over the phone.

Fishburne:  Slayton says if you get such a call, hang up and call Dominion to report it and determine the state of your account.  Charles Fishburne, VPM News.

Dominion Energy is a VPM Corporate sponsor.


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