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Snow In The Forecast For Next Week

Snow, Winter, 2015
Snow, Winter, 2015. (Photo: Charles Fishburne)

For the very first time this season, SNOW is mentioned in the forecast for next Tuesday or Wednesday.  November is not too early.

Jeff Orrock, National Weather Service, in Wakefield.

Orrock :  While snowfall in November is very uncommon, we have seen some significant snowfalls in the past.

Like 7.3 inches on November 1st, 1953.

As to next week...

Orrock :  Moisture is going to be coming in and the cold air is going to be chasing the moisture Tuesday night into Wednesday.

And, he’s talking very cold air.

Orrock : Bitterly cold temperatures across central Virginia where the daytime highs only going to be about 38 degrees and the overnight lows for at least a couple of nights are going to be down into the teens to low 20’s.

He says the conditions are there for at least some flurries, possibly a light accumulation.

Forecasts can change. Stay tuned for updates.