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Henrico Board To Review New Proposals for Indoor Arena

The Henrico County  Board of Supervisors will once again consider building a “world class sports arena,” they believe could attract tourists dollars as well as provide needed indoor facilities for county residents.  Charles Fishburne reports.


Charles Fishburne:  County officials say they want an indoor arena to rival the Siegel Center, but are moving cautiously and ended negotiations with Richmond International Raceway, because they believed the deal would not benefit the county.

Fishburne:  They asked for new plans and tonight in a special session, will be briefed on the progress.   In August, Deputy County Manager Tim Foster told us.

Tim Foster It would be a completely new site we would be looking at and this would give all six who had submitted previously  an opportunity to look at some options we didn’t have before.

Fishburne:  Any new proposals have not been made public, but afterwards, in regular session, the board is scheduled to vote on a resolution to proceed with negotiations.

Charles Fishburne, VPM News