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Chesterfield County Schools Seek More Funding

The Chesterfield County School District is seeking more funds due to help with additional projects such as refinishing gymnasium floors, installing more cameras and getting more computers for teachers and staff. (Photo: Pexel)

Chesterfield County Public Schools is getting extra money before the year ends to help with future projects and to hire more staff. The Board of Supervisors approved these changes Wednesday night. 

Chesterfield’s Superintendent Merv Daughtery asked more than 8 million dollars for the 2020 school year and to also help pay for expenses they didn’t expect THIS year -- that grants didn’t fully cover -- such as maintaining school security equipment. 

The money will also cover larger projects. 

“To look at adding classrooms in the schools, to adding computers to our teachers and our upgrades to technology for staff members in our buildings.”

The school district also plans to hire 38 new full time employees and to raise bus driver salaries by 75 cents per hour. Nearly two million dollars from this request is going towards costs for ESL and special education teachers. 

Re-elected Board member Chris Winslow said it was a balanced request.

“For personnel, some of the school safety items we talked about last year on the School Safety Task Force.”

Any money the school district doesn’t spend from the budget will go into retirement funds. 

Read the complete request presented by Superintendent Daugherty



Ian M. Stewart previously was the transportation reporter and fill-in anchor for VPM News.
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