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Virginia GOP Members of The House on Impeachment Hearings

Four of Virginia’s 11 members of the House are Republicans, and as Charles Fishburne reports, most are not commenting on the impeachment hearings, at least, not yet.


Wittman, Cline and Griffith had no comment when we called this morning.   And Political Analyst Bob Holsworth says:

Bob Holsworth:   The Republicans, by and large, represent districts that are not swing districts any longer, they are heavily red districts and they are going to be in line .

Only Fifth District Congressman Denver Riggleman offered a prepared statement saying the hearings have provided no evidence of wrongdoing and are purely a political show.

Holsworth:   And that’s very important for him because he is going to face a primary challenge.  One from a person who is a supervisor in Campbell County who also works at Liberty University from a party that in  many ways has been distressed at the fact that Denver Riggleman presided over a same-sex marriage.

Holsworth says we are not going to see many defections from Republicans in general, especially from Virginia.  

Charles Fishburne, VPM News.


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