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Hundreds Show Up to Ask Chesterfield Board of Supervisors to Make County the Next Second Amendment Sanctuary

Chesterfield County's Public Meeting Room filled with 300 people
Chesterfield County's Public Meeting Room was at capacity of 300 people who were there to talk about Second Amendment Sanctuary cities. (Photo: Ian Stewart/VPM News)

Tensions ran at last night’s Chesterfield Board of Supervisors meeting when residents showed up to ask the county to declare itself a Second Amendment Sanctuary. The topic wasn’t originally on the table, but people wanted action.

In a crowded room, hundreds of people stood up to demand the Board of Supervisors take a vote to pass a resolution making Chesterfield County a safe haven for gun owners. 

Several times during the proceedings, Chairwoman Leslie Haley asked residents to be civil and remain calm.

“The Board has listened to you, I have several board members who would like to make some comments.”

One of those was lone Democratic Supervisor Jim Holland, who is a Vietnam War veteran. He  said he applauds their actions on this issue but won’t support any resolution:

“However, I do support common sense methods to ensure that all individual rights are protected, especially the sanctity of life.”

Republican Supervisors Chris Winslow, Steve Elswick and Dorothy Jaeckle all thanked those who came out to speak and urged those who want change to bring it the General Assembly.

Ian Stewart/VPM News


Ian M. Stewart is the transportation reporter and fill-in anchor for VPM News.