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Henrico Presents General Assembly Wish List

A close up photo of Brandon Hinton, in a blue shirt and patterned tie.
Brandon Hinton, Henrico Deputy County Manager for Administration. (Photo: Charles Fishburne)

Henrico County’s “wish list” for the 2020 General Assembly session is for lawmakers to be careful with how they spend taxpayer dollars.  County officials are convinced a downturn in the economy is coming.

Even before Governor Ralph Northam unveiled his record spending plan, the Henrico County’s Board of Supervisors was meeting with its state delegation and asking them to be conservative with the state budget.

Brandon Hinton is Henrico’s Deputy County Manager for Administration

Hinton :  Eleven years we’re riding into the largest expansion in American history.  We know there is a cycle coming.

Hinton says the county gets one-third of its general fund revenue from the state and it is often cut in tough times.

Hinton:  Our message is to be mindful of what those cuts to a county mean.

Henrico is known for its conservative spending policies and is urging the state to do the same.

Hinton:  So we set aside money in reserve, just in case that time comes.

Despite record spending, Governor Northam’s proposed budget would boost state savings to nearly two billion by 2022. Enough, he says to prepare the Commonwealth for whatever happens to the economy.


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