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Senator Kaine Introduces War Powers Resolution

Senator Tim Kaine speaking at a microphone in the Senate chamber.
(Photo: Office of Senator Tim Kaine.)

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine introduced a resolution in the Senate to remove American troops from Iran, unless and until Congress passes an independent authorization for war.

It’s not just President Trump’s actions in Iran that Senator Kaine says he takes issue with -- but also how President Obama handled conflicts with Syria. 

The Virginia Democrat says it is time for Congress to act and to rewrite the military authorization act to limit the power of the president.

"There shouldn’t be another war just based in the whim of this president or any president unless there has been a full debate and vote in Congress saying it is in the national interest," said Kaine.

There is a similar bill in the House of Representatives. 

Even if both pass, they could be vetoed by the President.  But Kaine says he wants to force a debate and a floor vote. 


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