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DuPont Plans $75 Million Expansion at Chesterfield Spruance Plant

Aerial image of DuPont Spruance Plant
Aerial image of DuPont Spruance Plant. (Photo: Chesterfield County Economic Development Authority)

DuPont plans to invest more than 75 million dollars and create 60 new jobs in Chesterfield County. 

County officials welcomed the expansion at the Spruance plant, which makes Kevlar, used in bullet-proof vests and Tyvek, popular in construction materials. Garrett Hart is Chesterfield’s Director of Economic Development.

"Dupont is one of the largest employers in Chesterfield County and the Spruance Plant is the company’s single largest manufacturing site employing more than 2,000 people," Hart said.

Dupont has operated in Virginia for 90 years, and has been cleaning up decades of soil and groundwater contamination at the Spruance plant and other facilities. The 75 million is for automation, new technology and new equipment. None is earmarked for cleanup. DuPont says it has just spent 20 million for that purpose in 2018.

For the expansion announced this week, Governor Northam approved a $250,000 grant for Chesterfield County and a performance-based grant of $1 million in addition to other tax incentives for the company.


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