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Henrico County Board Of Supervisors Elect New Board Chairman

Henrico County Board of Supervisors
Henrico County Board of Supervisors: Left to Right, Tommy Branin, Chairman, Three Chopt; Pat O’Bannon, Tuckahoe; Frank Thornton, Fairfield; Tyrone Nelson, Varina; Daniel Schmitt, Board Vice-chairman, who represents Brookland District. (Photo: Henrico County)

The Henrico County Board of Supervisors has elected Three Chopt Supervisor Tommy Branin as the new Board Chairman and Brookland District’s Dan Schmitt Vice-chairman. Charles Fishburne reports.


Charles Fishburne:  The top spot flips from Democrat to Republican, but Branin says that’s not important.

Branin:  We’re one county. There is no R and no D.

Fishburne: In fact, it was the two Democrats on the board who nominated and seconded his nomination as a show of support for Branin and what they call, “The Henrico Way.”  As for the new chairman, his goals for 2020 center around transportation.

Branin: You know we’ve been working to get the North Gayton interchange though the state and onto the federal so we can get that open, which will relieve pressure on Broad Street.

Fishburne: Branin says they're also focusing on improving two other roads, Sadler and Three Chopt, to make sure the quality of life in Henrico “stays at the top.” Charles Fishburne, VPM News. 


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