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VA Beach Delegates Call For State Investigation Into Mass Shooting

Two delegates from Virginia Beach want the state to investigate the May 31 mass shooting at the city’s municipal center.

Some victims, their families and Virginia Beach residents question the city’s independent investigation, which found no clear motive. A bipartisan bill would create a state commission to reexamine the tragedy.

The commission would work to identify why and how the gunman carried out the massacre and make recommendations for how to prevent future incidents. 

Del. Jason Miyeres (R-VA Beach) co-sponsored the bill with Del. Kelly Fowler (D-VA Beach). Miyeres said the commission is modeled after the same panel that investigated the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007.   

“That’s exactly what we’re asking right now is for the state to take this as seriously as they took the 2007 shooting,” he said.

The commission would have 21 members, all appointed by the House, Senate and Governor. It would include law enforcement, security experts and forensic psychologists, among others.

Alexis Nixon is the mother-in-law of Katherine Nixon, a veteran engineer who died in the shooting.

“This is what we want. We want accountability,” she said. “We don’t want our loved ones to die in vain.”

The bill has yet to be heard in committee.

Whittney Evans is VPM News’ features editor.
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