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American Lung Association on Virginia State of Tobacco Control: Four “Fs” and a “D”

The American Lung Association gives Virginia four “Fs” and a “D” in its annual “State of Tobacco Control.”

The “Fs” were for low funding for prevention programs, the strength of smoke free workplace laws, and a lack of services for quitting.  Virginia got a D for raising the minimum age to 21, but exempting military. Director of Advocacy Aleks Casper said she doesn’t think the grades were “harsh.” 

Aleks Casper :  Really I would say the grades and the report are a call to action.

The Lung Association also docked the Commonwealth for the level of state tobacco taxes.

Casper:  Increase of a tobacco tax to $1.50 and equalization on all tobacco products including tax on electronic cigarettes.

Lawmakers are considering raising the tax, and directing the money for prevention and control efforts. There is also legislation to ban all flavored tobacco products.

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