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UVA Collaborates On Coronavirus Tracking Website

Two young men sit in front of a laptop computer.
UVA Students Soukarya Ghosh and James Yun with their new website (Photo: University of Virginia)

As the new strain of coronavirus continues to spread in China and around the world, four computer science students at UVA, Virginia Tech and Stanford have launched a website to keep people informed and safe.

The website, provides near real-time information about the spread of the virus, locations, and infection, recovery and mortality rates.

Soukarya Ghosh :  What we found out quickly is that correct information is hard to come by.

Soukarya Ghosh is a third-year computer science and mathematics major at UVA and he says they cross-reference information from WHO, CDC and a Chinese website maintained by medical professionals.

Ghosh :  What we hope to accomplish is just to inform people and hopefully lead them to be cautious in how they go about their day.

It began as a personal project, but the four students say the website is getting a thousand hits a day from all seven continents.