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Buttigieg Rallies Thousands in Northern Virginia Ahead Of Super Tuesday 

Man standing before blue sky
Pete Buttigieg appeared at a rally in Alexandria, Virginia, over the weekend to build support for his presidential campaign ahead of Super Tuesday. (Photo: Crixell Matthews/VPM)

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg rallied 7,000 people in Arlington Sunday, fresh off the heels of the Nevada Democratic Caucuses. This comes as Virginia voters prepare to cast their ballots on Super Tuesday. 

Buttigieg delivered a message focused on civility and building a “big tent” Democratic party, primarily focused on moderates and people he's called "future former Republicans." It was a nod to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who clinched a decisive victory in Saturday’s contest and has long railed against the Democratic establishment. 

“We dare not ignore, we dare not dismiss and we absolutely dare not attack those voices in the Democratic party focusing on keeping those seats in the right hands, because the next president is going to need that in order to get any of our big bold ideas done,” Buttigieg said. 

Buttigieg was neck and neck with Sanders in the Iowa and New Hampshire Caucuses but came in third place in Nevada Saturday, where Sanders took a significant lead, followed by former Vice President Joe Biden. 

Buttiegieg praised the work of Virginia Democrats who captured the majority of seats in the General Assembly last year.  

“We’re going to need a nominee ready to bring Americans together, and we’re going to need a nominee who understands that we dare not treat the presidency like it is the only office that matters,” he said. 

Nicole Barrion of Fairfax said she came to the rally still unsure of her support for Buttigieg, but she said she was swayed by his message of civility. 

“He brings about this spirit of hope. His character is what we need again in the White House,” Barrion said. 

Next comes the South Carolina primary on February 29th, where former Vice President Joe Biden is leading Buttigieg by a wide margin, even as Sanders closes in according to several recent polls.

Virginia is holding its Democratic presidential primary on March 3, also known as Super Tuesday. That’s the election day when the largest number of states will hold presidential primaries.

Whittney Evans is VPM News’ features editor.