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Syrian Documentary "The Cave" and Trump Goes to India

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Part 1: For besieged civilians living under nine years of war in Syria, accessing basic services, comes with extraordinary risks. In his Academy Award® nominated documentary film, The Cave, Feras Fayyad reveals a world of hope and safety inside a subterranean hospital led by 29-year-old Dr. Amani Ballour. Ray Suarez talks with Fayyad and Ballour about the film and the current situation in Syria.

Part 2: U.S. - India relations are back in the spotlight as President Trump travels to the world’s largest democracy. The visit comes as India faces social unrest against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, which has been pushing a Hindu nationalist agenda. Ray Suarez gets a debrief from Tanvi Madan, director of the India Project at The Brookings Institution.

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