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General Assembly - Feb. 11, 2020

From the State Capitol in Richmond, I’m Craig Carper. 

Today was the deadline for the House and Senate to complete work on all of their own legislation for the year. 

The House approved a bill that would increase the minimum wage in phases to $15 per hour by 2023. 

“The fact remains that working the number of hours most people are working just to pay basic living expenses leaves little time for personal responsibility, to create health, spiritual development, behavior management and teaching ourselves and our children how to cope with the world around us.” 

The Senate was still working into the evening and had not yet taken final action on the bill.  

Both chambers also approved bills that would give localities the authority to remove or modify war monuments. This would include confederate statues throughout the state. 

Delegate Delores McQuinn says confederate monuments were intended to further oppress African Americans after their emancipation. 

“Reminding that population that they were once subservient. That they were to be submissive. That’s why they’re big. That’s why they’re large. That’s why they’re in the public square.”

Now all House and Senate Bills must crossover to the other chamber for a final vote before going to Governor Ralph Northam for his signature.

For Assembly 20, I’m Craig Carper. 


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