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Warner: Test Everyone Who Exhibits COVID-19 Symptoms

Man speaking
Sen. Mark Warner (Craig Carper/VPM News)

Senator Mark Warner says the CDC must immediately expand its testing to include everyone who presents symptoms of COVID-19.

Speaking to reporters, Warner says the virus is more widespread than we know and CDC must change its guidelines:  "If they don’t have some connectivity to somebody who has traveled abroad, tests are not being provided.  I think we are past that point."

Congress is scheduled to go on recess this weekend,  but Warner says they should stay and pass legislation to deal with the coronavirus. He said, "We need to focus on access to testing and access to medical equipment. We need to be sure nobody doesn’t see a doctor because of a fear of payments or co-payments."

And, he says we need to target economic relief to both the quarantined and the industries affected by the illness.

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