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Dense Apartment Living Coming to Midlothian Village

Midlothian sign
The Village of Midlothian has a Special Area Plan to help guide future growth while still maintaining its old-style look. (Photo: Ian Stewart/VPM News)

In Chesterfield County, construction is set to begin for over 300 condominiums. It’s the first major project to be approved after the region’s Midlothian Special Area Plan was adopted, which calls for mixed use development, something residents say this structure lacks.

Midlothian resident Bob Rowe says the Board of Supervisors allowed too many zoning exceptions for the project. Speaking at a recent public meeting, Rowe said more developers will follow suit.

“You’ll have lost any power you have because you’ll be telling developers, ‘go ahead, build whatever you want,'” Rowe said.

Residents told the board that the 5-story development lacks the  “village-scale” mixed-use living called for in the Midlothian Special Area Plan. 

Supervisor chair Leslie Haley says while it makes some people uncomfortable, the project addresses residents’ concerns.

“It makes some of us nervous to think about density like this. It’s a project we haven’t seen," Haley said.

Construction plans are still being finalized, but site preparation could begin in the coming months.



Ian M. Stewart previously was the transportation reporter and fill-in anchor for VPM News.
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