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New Priorities for Henrico County Budget

Bridge over river
Huguenot Memorial Bridge in Henrico County (Photo: Virginia Department of Transportation/Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Henrico County’s original budget proposal has been scrapped because of the pandemic impacting every aspect of residents’ lives. The county is now prioritizing protecting jobs and providing tax relief for residents and small businesses.

The county is working on a revised budget that will be at least $50 million less than the version considered just a week ago.

County Manager John Vithoulkas says it includes a hiring freeze, and all new capital projects will be put on hold for now: "Since last Monday the world has changed."

Last night the board of supervisors extended payment deadlines for meals and hotel taxes for six months. The same goes for real estate and personal property taxes, among other things.

County officials say it’s difficult to produce a new budget when revenue figures and needs are changing every day.

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